Ho Ho Ho…Christmas is the time for worry and anxiety when you are adopted.

Today little one managed to get through breakfast with only one lot of tears. She was worried she had missed the pantomime yesterday.

She was worried that there would be pandas at the pantomime. Much confusion.

She was worried that her biscuit and drink which the school helpfully told her about last week (never give an adopted child that much time to think) would not be ready.

She managed to get to the car and get to school with no more melt downs.

Successful day I think so far….

No. I spoke to soon. There was one brief moment of happiness when she talked about the pantomime.

The school gave them one biscuit and drink from 12.00 until 17.00. She screamed and cried constantly on the way home and all evening. Bed at half 6. She was exhausted and hungry.

Now she is already planning for tomorrow and what food she will eat. Food is a control issue and she constantly plans to try to get the food she wants. I am determined that she will try some new foods along with the old ones. Slow progress but we are getting there….


Diary of a single adoptive mum

So my daughter arrived a year ago and we have had many ups and downs.

Last Christmas was part of the honeymoon period so it did not really present too many problems. Since then, my mother has died so we are on our own this Christmas.

The run up to Christmas has been a nightmare. Tantrums every day and she is struggling to cope with changes to routine. I love it when the school spring a non uniform day on us. Even a change of clothes can present a problem.

She is a very picky eater. Today the school told me that she did not finish her packed lunch. So they refused to give her a snack in the afternoon. She came home hungry and grumpy. She refused to eat her sausage and potato dinner. This led on to a tantrum at bath time as she was tired and had not eaten. She struggles with her sleep even if she gets 13 or 14 hours. It does not seem to refresh her. She is very restless at night. One of the best buys has been a cabin bed which stop her falling.

On a positive note, there has been a response to my complaint about the lack of later life letter.  I should have a redrafted letter by December 24th. Only 6 months late.

Roll on the school holidays.